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· "ONE TREE HILL" IN YOUR COUNTRY! [posted 1.17.2008]
We want to continue to make OTH Global grow and we can do that better, easier and quicker with YOUR help! If you know when One Tree Hill is playing in your country and you have the channel, time schedule and what season you're currently on - please send it in! We already have updates for a few countries that we will be posting this week but, we would love to expand MORE!

Thanks for your continued help, ideas and support -- we appreciate it all. :)

· BUY NOW SECTION! [posted 1.17.2008]
At the top of the page on the right hand side, you will now find a picture to click for a "BUY NOW" merchandise section! Right now we have the direct links to purchase DVD box sets in France, Australia and the United Kingdom. We will be adding posters, OTH cast-related movies and soundtracks soon. Check it out!

United KingdomSEASON FOUR ON DVD [posted 1.17.2008]
A lot of you have been asking when the season four DVD will be available in the United Kingdom and to answer your question -- we don't know 100%. Our sources tell us it will be coming soon, so as soon as we have the date we will let you know.

A fellow fan actually clued us in that a store called "Cinema Store" near Covent Garden in London is selling an imported Region 1 of the DVD that you can buy for £50. It's actually cheaper if you order your DVD from the US and you can watch it on Region 1 on your computer if you have a DVD drive or a multi regional DVD player.

Stay posted to OTH Global for updates on when you can purchase the DVD box set on Region 2 format!


United KingdomDON'T MISS EPISODE 3.16! [posted 8.31.2007]
The episode that was practically banned from the UK, episode #316 "With Tired eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" will FINALLY get it's airing on E4! Truly, this was a landmark episode of One Tree Hill and it was labeled as "inappropriate" on this network. You can now watch it Monday, 3 of September at 9PM on channel

AustraliaSEASON THREE ON DVD! [posted 8.1.2007]
You can finally purchase One Tree Hill: The Complete Third Season on DVD in Australia! It's available for $44.98 online at www.jbhifionline.com.au. After September 1st, the DVD will go off sale and back to the price of $57.99.

United KingdomLOVE THE PINK SHORTS, SOPHIA [posted 7.11.2007]
The UK's SUN newspaper reported that Sophia Bush was out walking her one-eyed pet pitbull as she visited a gym in West Hollywood yesterday.

Onlookers caught a glimpse of the actress in a pair of Victoria's Secret short-shorts, bearing the slogan "Love Pink" from their PINK loungewear line.

One said: "She was going to the gym but in those skimpy shorts it was obvious she doesn't need to do much working out."

To see Sophia and her loving pup (and her tiny shorts) on the way to the gym, click here!

CanadaSEASON FOUR REPEATS [posted 7.5.2007]
Re-runs of Season 4 have begun in Canada. You can watch them every Sunday at 10pm on CH Television! To find out what channel that is for you, visit the CHTV station website.

BelgiumSEASON FOUR IN BELGIUM [posted 6.3.2007]
If you haven't hear, One Tree Hill has been airing in Belgium - how exciting! Now you can watch your favorite show practically everyday of the week! Season 4 airs every "school day" at 5.30PM (17.30h) on Kanaaltwee. They are currently up to episode 4.11 "Everything In Its Right Place". If you'd like to go back to the beginning of the series to catch up, season 1 airs Saturdays at 6.35PM (18.35h) on VT4, and they are currently up to episode 1.03 "Are You True?"

source: Naomi

RomaniaSEASON ONE BEGINS IN ROMANIA [posted 5.28.2007]
This Thursday, Juin 1st, you will be able to begin watching two episodes back-to-back of One Tree Hill every week at 8:20 pm (local time) on ProCinema. They will be starting with the first season. For more information visit ProCinema.ro!


TurkeyCHARLIE BARTLETT IN TURKEY! [posted 5.15.2007]
Last year we broke the news about Tyler Hilton's aka 'Chris Keller' latest film, Charlie Bartlett co-starring Robert Downey Jr. (Zodiac), Anton Yelchin (Alpha Dog) and Kat Dennings (The 40 Year Old Virgin) about a rich kid, that becomes the self-appointed psychiatrist to the student body of his new public high school. Tyler plays the role of Charlie's friend/partner-in-crime, 'Murphey Bivens'.

Tyler Hilton in 'Charlie Bartlett'The movie, which is finished and debuted last month at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, will be hitting theaters on August 3, 2007. In the meantime you can watch the preview trailer by visiting the official website or by clicking here!

It looks very entertaining and has gotten some really great reviews, it's definitely a must-see comedy for the summer! Also, if you're a MySpace member then be sure to add Tyler's character 'Murphey' to friends! Check out his page here.

We'll keep you posted on all the latest Charlie Bartlett news!

NetherlandsSEASON THREE ON DVD! [posted 5.02.2007]
One Tree Hill: The Complete Third Season DVD box set has been released in the Netherlands! We know it's been long-awaited so make sure you go and pick up your copy today!


United KingdomTHE HITCHER - PUSHED BACK! [posted 5.02.2007]
Probably due to the summer releases of Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End and Spider-Man 3 -- The Hitcher has been pushed from an April 20th cinema release  date to the 22nd of June! It's a bit of a sad news, but it'll be worth the wait!

source: Sam


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